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    Global mental health stats looking regionally at diagnosed conditions via @wef @davos #economics #mentalhealth #charts

    Global mental health stats looking regionally at diagnosed conditions via @wef @davos #economics #mentalhealth #charts

    — 10 hours ago
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    Looming Ahead | Five Nobel Prize winners discuss what they each see as the biggest problem facing the global economy of the future | IMF →
    1. George Akerlof on Global Warming
    2. Paul Krugman on Increasing Demand
    3. Robert Solow on Secular Stagnation
    4. Michael Spence on Inclusiveness in Developing Economies
    5. Joseph Stiglitz on Inequality
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    Belly-Up Brazil? by Gene Frieda - Project Syndicate →

    An salient argument for one side of a call markets have yet to resolve:

    SAO PAULO – After years of impressive growth, Brazil’s economic prospects appear increasingly dim. Since the World Cup ended in July, economic activity has plummeted, inflationary pressures have intensified, and consumer and business confidence have collapsed, leading many economists to slash their growth forecasts for this year. So just how sick is Brazil’s economy, and how will its malaise affect the outcome of the presidential election in October?

    — 2 days ago
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    Activist hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman is winning, surprisingly – Quartz →

    So it may surprise some that Bloomberg is reporting that Ackman’s $15 billion hedge fund is enjoying its richest returns in years. The 48-year-old with a net worth of about $1.7 billion can thank savvy bets in companies like burger franchise Burger King Worldwide, which announced that it’s making an $11.4 billion bid for Canada restaurant chain Tim Hortons.

    — 2 days ago
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    Exceptional, a long time favorite of mine, a must watch:

    A conversation with: Peter Thiel, founding CEO of PayPal; Member, Board of Directors, Facebook; entrepreneur; and venture capitalist and Niall Ferguson, Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, William Ziegler Professor at Harvard Business School

    — 2 days ago
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    When She Talks Bankers Shudder →

    Bankers are nearly unanimous on the subject of Anat R. Admati, the Stanford finance professor and persistent industry gadfly: Her ideas are wildly impractical, bad for the American economy and not to be taken seriously.

    But after years of quixotic advocacy, Ms. Admati is reaching some very prominent ears. Last month, President Obama invited her and five other economists to a private lunch to discuss their ideas. She left him with a copy of “The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong With Banking and What to Do About It,” a 2013 book she co-authored. A few weeks later, she testified for the first time before the Senate Banking Committee. And, in a recent speech, Stanley Fischer, vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, praised her “vigorous campaign.”

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    Ackman’s Pershing Square Makes $203 Million on Burger King →


    Everyone loves Chicken Fries.  I mean I think that there were “Hoorays!” heard around the world when BK (not the shoe) brought them back. Why, I ask, did they take them away in the first place?  Mind you, I’ve never had a Chicken Fry but I hear they are delicious. 

    Also, I thought BK was an interesting shoe, where did they go?

    But back to Ackman, the love child of two of my favorite TV personalities, Anderson Cooper & Jay Karnes (SOA, Josh Kohn).  That doesn’t mean I love Ackman, quite the contrary.  The glib, condescending smirk makes for a sour cup of coffee in my book.  He’s taking a page from the Yum! Brands playbook and good for him especially after that JCP misstep. (He forgot to talk to the customers when he made Ron Head Dog).

    If you like fast food coffee with fast food…food, it will be a great day for you. Otherwise, you’ll be on the toilet for an hour after you ingest the calorie indulgent breakfast sandwich and Folgers knock-off cup of joe.

    But God Bless America or Canada for that matter.  Ackman needs a hobby and a hug. Maybe we can find someone to give him both.

    This is exceptional from @yiyibags (even for an Ackman proponent). Enjoy, folks.

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    How do trends and cycles interact? →

    Interesting commentary from @tylercowen on cyclical interactions in the economy:

    In a piece I already have linked to, Binyamin Appelbaum makes a point in passing that I think deserves further comment:

    The new paper, like others of its genre, basically requires belief in a big coincidence: that a short-term catastrophe happened to coincide with the intensification of long-term trends — that the economy crashed at the moment that it was already beginning a gradual descent.

    I view this somewhat differently. Very often trends accumulate, often without much notice, and then a cyclical event causes that trend to explode into full view. Such a coincidence of cycle and trend is very often no accident and in fact the two are closely related.

    — 4 days ago
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